Purpose Statement







Tzaneen Baptist Church’s Purposes, Goals, & Vision

We have determined that our church needs purpose in order to advance, so

The Five-fold purpose of our church is:


  • Love your God – WORSHIP (Matt 22:37)
  • Love your Neighbour – MINISTRY (Matt 22:39)
  • Going and making disciples – EVANGELISM (Matt 28:19a)
  • Baptizing them – FELLOWSHIP (Matt 28:19b)
  • Teaching them to obey the God’s Word – DISCIPLESHIP (Matt 28:20)


In order for us to accomplish the above we as a church need to be a committed church in the following areas:

  • Committed to Membership – Knowing Christ  (Class Level 100)
  • Committed to Maturity – Growing in Christ   (Class Level 200)
  • Committed to Ministry – Serving Christ         (Class Level 300)
  • Committed to Missions – Sharing Christ         (Class Level 400)


We see our church as a family church and our goal is to attract families and also individuals (who are looking for & needing a family).


Our vision for Tzaneen Baptist Church is that we would like to become:

  • A vibrant family of believers excited about serving God and encouraged by seeing Him at work through people coming to salvation and growing to maturity.
  • A place where people can find love, comfort, forgiveness and acceptance, and where they can grow to fulfill their potential as Christians.
  • A church that sends out missionaries and church planters
  • A group of believers who are known in the community for demonstrating their faith through their actions.