Welcome to our Tzaneen Baptist Church web site! Now all we need is to meet you in person at our next service meeting.

  • Sunday Worship Service – 9H30 – 12 Koos Nel Street, Aquapark, Tzaneen.
  • Wednesday Bible Study – 19h00 – 12 Koos Nel Street, Aquapark, Tzaneen.
  • Thursday Bible Study – 19h30

The aim of this site is to inform you about us and our related ministries, to expose you to what God is doing in and through us, and to encourage and equip you with solid biblical resources.

Tzaneen Baptist Church comprises of Christians resolutely committed to the Triune God, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Word of God and to actively working in the Kingdom of God.

Our Doctrine would be classed as Reformed and we would hold to the 5 Sola’s of the Reformed Faith namely, Sola Scriptura (By Scripture alone), Sola Fida (By faith alone), Sola Gratia (By Grace alone), Sola Christus (Through Christ alone), Sola Deo Gloria (To the glory of God alone).

We believe that the more people understand God’s Word, from the youngest to the oldest, the more they will know how to live it out in the church and in the world. We live in deceptive times where sin and error surround us. More than ever, we need to be fed God’s truth so that we can be strong and stable and not be misled. We all need to be equipped in God’s Word so that we can know how to have a godly home and live a godly life in an ungodly age.

Therefore our aim as a New Testament Church is: To be a God-centered, Bible-teaching church that reaches outward through evangelism, church planting, and other ministries and reaches upward through edifying God’s people and equipping them to serve Christ.

While, like all Baptists, we operate as an autonomous local church, we are in membership with SOLA5 Organization of Southern Africa.


Enjoy our web site, and thanks for visiting.